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download filme legendado jogos vorazes

Barbie and the Secret Door 2014 1080p BluRay x264 AAC – Ozlem

=== PLOT ===

Alexa is a very shy princess from a contemporary, modern kingdom who discovers a secret door that opens to a magical land.

=== Screens…

Cheer up!

Hi, how is your weekend going (or if the weekend has finished for you… erm just ignore that question :/ ).I had inspiration to write this while doing my maths homework (not fun), so I’m going to write it! Quick note this is a quick post, to hopefully cheer you up, if you’ve been having a lousy week!

Everyone gets stuck in a mood which isn’t the best of moods (your irritated, not very friendly, and your beginning to bring your friends down as well as you with your negative outlook), trust me this happens to the best of us, this has pretty much been me this week – sorry everyone.

What I realised is that no one is going to change my mood, so I allowed a 2 day period (this weekend), to relax and chill out, and attempt to get out of my mood, and it worked, and here’s how I did it…

1. Take time out of your busy life – sometimes its best just to symbolically step out of your life and be a spectator, clear your weekend of things to do, so you can do nothing, this gives you time to just think which is hard to do with so many things going on.

2. Don’t over think it – I struggle with sleeping and general everyday things because I just can’t shut off my brain, I go on a tangent of a never-ending thought process which never gets me to any where which is positive, so it was really hard for me to stop thinking about everything, so this is what I did: I looked around on iTunes for a pop album with a heavy beat and some silly/uplifting lyrics (which is not really my style, I generally like more gloomy music) – it was ‘Selena Gomez, Star Dance‘ – no shame! And I played it all day on repeat at the loudest I could get it to go, and sang to it form the top of my lungs (sorry neighbours). The way this works is, you are listening to the music and thinking about what lyrics are next, with this constant singing and listening (and a bit of dancing in the mirror – or is that just me ;) ), you have no time to think about anything that’s getting you down, and before you no it the carefree nature of the songs begin to rub off onto you!

3. And the last point, start again – Monday is a new day, the start of a new week. It is a chance to live a little better, to think more positively, think of it like the start of a new year (make some resolutions – but make sure you stick to them this time ;) ). The important bit is to forget what happened last week and think of it like a rewind button, and your fixing everything that wasn’t right.

4. Did I say number 3 was my last point, I lied ;) – retail therapy - your reading a post from a fashion blog, what did you expect from this, I love clothes, in fact I love buying in general, there’s nothing like the rush of buying something (make sure you buy online, I tell you later why), and then waiting for it to eventually be delivered to your door, the excitement keeps your mind distracted and keeps a positive mind-set (you don’t get this from buying in store), and once it comes (and hopefully it fits and you like it just as much as you did online), its brought a smile to your face!

I hope this post has created a smile, whether it is today or next week!

Please comment down below if this helped or your advice. If you have any particular post you want me to do (products to review/haul/advice, etc) comment down below!

Stay tuned for my next post!

From A Guy Online.

Also – please don’t forget to like and follow, and check out my twitter for updates and direct chatting, if you want :) and take a look at the rest of my blog – if you like to that is! Thank you SO much for reading!! Have a good day/night (whatever time it is for you).