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Yoga Warrior 365 with Rudy Mettia Workout Program

About the Classes

The Gathering – It is always good to start a journey with intention. The gathering is the beginning of the program.

Versatile Warrior V- This class is a little bit of everything. It is intended to be the first of twelve yoga practices that you cycle through.

Responsible Warrior – Also known as shouldering responsibility this class is all about strengthening and opening the shoulder girdle.

Freed Warrior – Explore the femur bones, hip sockets, glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings as you gently touch and take care of those areas.

Fluid Warrior – The Fluid Warrior is a dynamic moving meditation.

Gentle Warrior – Use this class as early and as often as you need. This class is intended to promote healing and well being.

Focused Warrior – The Focused Warrior is a class devoted to balancing postures. Use the breath to keep you balanced. Honed Warrior – You will go through four distinct sequences with each one adding an extra pose. This is one of the more challenging classes.

Stalking Warrior – By learning how to lift the hip points and soften the front ribs it allows us to move through each pose with grace and power.

Seeking Warrior – The seeking warrior is one of the more philosophical of the practices as Rudy walks you through the five doorways.

Coiled Warrior – Twisting by nature is detoxifying so make sure you come into the practice with an empty stomach and drink plenty of water.

Compassionate Warrior – Our daily patterns are mainly forward moving and we tend to sit at our computers or desks hunched over.

Returning Warrior – Every pose wants to get back to mountain pose and its fitting that this is the last of the yoga classes you will do in this program.


Includes Modified Warrior, Mountain Warrior and Rudy\’s Musings (an exploration of Rudy\’s philosophy). Includes the Program Guide & 36 Pose Tutorials

About the Actor
Through a lifetime of exploration and a serious dedication to the practice of yoga, Rudy has developed a unique yet insightful way of teaching yoga. Combining the attention to detail of Iyengar and the powerful flow of Pattabhi Jois, Rudy s power yoga based practice will both challenge and heal your body. If you are an experienced practitioner or brand new to the practice, Rudy is the perfect teacher to for every level. He is a top yoga instructor in LA with Over 10,000 classroom hours of teaching.

Allow all special characters and prevent SQL injection / XSS

I am using Asp.NET MVC 3 with EF 4.1 With SQL Azure. I have both linq expressions as well as stored procedures.

Now, I need to allow all the special characters like "';&<>/ etc to be entered and save it in the database. But, when it is rendered, it should not render as HTML (ie, should be rendered as text). How can I prevent SQL injection and XSS attacks?

My concern is when we display in @Html.TextBoxFor or @Html.EditorFor or in a label?
I don’t want to compromise on the type of characters entered. Please suggest how to approach this?

Why is no working when using encode(‘utf-8′)?

I have this error:

UnicodeEncodeError: ascii codec cant encode character uxa0 in position 20

UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xa0' in position 20: ordinal not in range(128)

So, I use the method to solve the error.
But, string is also garbled.

content =
with open(wellno + ".html", "w") as f:
tree = html.fromstring(content)
txt = ""
for i in range(1,15):
    path = //*[@id="Lab_BasicData"]/table/tr[{0}]/td[2]/text().format(str(i))
        data = tree.xpath(path)[0].encode(utf-8).strip()
        data = ""
    txt += data + ,


enter image description here

I tried to use chardet to detect it encoding.

for i in range(1,15):
    path = //*[@id="Lab_BasicData"]/table/tr[{0}]/td[2]/text().format(str(i))
    data = tree.xpath(path)[0].encode(utf-8)
    result = chardet.detect(data)
    charenc = result[encoding]
    print charenc

enter image description here

update: I tried to print content. It is normal.

content =
print content

enter image description here

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